FOOD | How To Make A Detox Green Smoothie

Hair website DirtyLooks has provided me with some ‘How to’ guides which I will be publishing on a weekly basis, and this Smoothie one seemed topical and like a great one to share!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you would have seen that I have been taking my New Years Resolution to get fit and be active very seriously and  as part of this (and my making food from scratch resolution) been making fresh healthy protein smoothies after my workouts to help my body recover.

Homemade Smoothies and workout images

As well as helping my body recover, I make the smoothies to make sure I am consuming as many of my five a day and getting my nutrients. I am a Thalassemia carrier, which means my body finds it hard to absorb Iron, making me permanently anaemic,  the side affects of which are mood swings, lethargy and an unhealthy paleness. In order to try and improve these things, I am trying to increase the Iron in my diet and have been told that consuming it with vitamin C can increase absorption rates, therefore adding Iron rich greens such as spinach and kale to my smoothies are perfect. 

So below is a guide to making a Green Detox Smoothie, which is high in Iron.

Do you have a good Smoothie recipe you could share with me?

Love Lilla x

Love Lilla xx

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