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Yes I know, I am an adult, not a child. Yet I always find myself drawn to YA fiction. Louise Rennison books are a bit more special to me than most. When I was younger I had no interest in reading at all – in fact in my immediate family I am the only person who enjoys reading.

My love affair with reading started in my teens when I was lent ‘Angus, Thongs and Full-frontal Snogging’. We were on a long coach journey back from some sort of a school trip, my DISCMAN (yes, really showing my age!) had run out of batteries, and my friend assured me the book was really good. I got into it during the remainder of the journey and stayed up all night reading the book, until I had finished it. I then continued to read the books well into my twenties, until the series had ended! #TeamDavethelaugh by the way!!!!

I think it was a lot to do with the fact the books were set locally, and I recognised the places, but most of all I could really relate to Georgia Nicholson and her massive basoomas and her obsession with boys (especially as I too went to an all girl school!).

So when I saw there was an opportunity to review one of her other books I went for it. ‘The Taming of The Tights’ is the third book in the “Misadventures of Tullulah Casey” series. Tullulah is actually cousins with Georgia, so there are some mentions of her and the Ace Gang in the book.

I have to say that Lousie Rennison’s style of writing these books is fabulous. The books are written as diary entries, which means that not only do you follow the protagonists day to day life, but also their internal thought process surrounding the events that they write about.

As an awkward, boy obsessed teenager, I found this quite reassuring, to know that I wasn’t as odd or weird as I thought I was – because if someone was writing it then they must have experienced it. As a married twenty-something, it makes me laugh and look back fondly at my own struggles to get through my teenage years.

Anyway, from the start of the book (despite not having read the first two) I immediately liked Tullulah and her little set up. For a bit of background she is a young girl who is attending a falling down (literally) Performing Arts school for girls, called Dother Hall, which is located near a very small rural village in Yorkshire. She stays with a local family, with mad young twins (think Angus and Libby), who do not own a TV, are slightly Goddish and love the outdoors (and making food from moss and snail shells).

Without giving the whole plot away, Lullah’s diary consists of tales of what she gets up to with her hilarious friends (the Tree Sisters), her struggles with school and one teacher who clearly took an instant dislike to her. As well as, her feelings for three boys, and how to manage or evolve these relationships.

The Tree Sisters are clearly mental. But what I like about each one is that they are all very unique and cover a range of body types and personalities. Something which I think is very positive in this day and age, where the world is obsessed with weight, asethetics and acting a certain way. It gives the young readers of the book reassurance about it being happy in themselves.

Having read the third one, I have now started reading the first book “Withering Tights” to get up to speed with the rest of the series. I will no doubt pull an all-nighter to finish these books like I did when I was younger. I also hope to be able to introduce my 14 year old, nonreading, sister to this series in the hopes that she will at least learn to appreciate books a bit more.

If, like me you are a teenage girl trapped in an adults body, or you have/know a young girl who likes reading or even needs encouragement to read then I would definitely recommend either of Louise Rennison’s series. ‘The Taming of The Tights’ is now available on Amazon and you can also buy the complete series of the Georgia Nicholson Series online too.

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Where you a big reader when you were a teen? What books captured your imagination?

Love Lilla xx
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