BLOGGING | I got accepted to #AccessAllASOS!

I’d been looking at applying to #AccessAllASOS for a while, but honestly didn’t think I was cool enough, or my blog was good enough. My non-blogger friend gave me a small nudge, and I applied.  Being brought up with a Persian father whose general motto is ” If you don’t try, you don’t get”, I thought  the worse out come is I don’t get picked.

Basically, #AccessAllASOS is a growing group of Bloggers, selected by ASOS, who get to see their new collections, inspirations and adventures before the general public. ASOS insiders (as they are known) get to visit the ASOS HQ and are invited to all their exciting events – there is even the odd freebie or exclusive discount!

I noticed that @AccessAllASOS had started following me on Twitter and got a bit excited! But thought that I was probably counting my chickens! So when I got the confirmation email (picture above) I was so happy. Nazilla is my full name, but people find it difficult to pronounce or remember and after enduring years of Godzilla, it got shortened to Naz or Lilla.

I waited (not very patiently) for my gift in the post and was very pleased with what I received (Thank you Penny!!!). As I mentioned  I am a cat lover in my applications and they are heavily featured on my Instagram and Twitter I was sent a Cat Shaped Pen and a pair of Piano Key socks, which I may add, Hubs promptly stole!

There was also a Fortune Cookie in the pack that said “An opportunity to learn is on your horizon” Exciting!!!! I can’t wait to see what #AccessAllAsos has in store for me!

It’s not too late to apply, they are already looking for the next set of members. You can apply here, as my Paps says – “If you don’t try, you don’t get”.

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Love Lilla xx
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