TRAVEL | Mini Honeymoon in Chelsea

After our Brighton wedding, hubs and I went to Chelsea for a mini getaway. We stayed at myHotel Chelsea for two nights and pretended we were really rich (like the cast of Made in Chelsea).

The hotel is located in Chelsea (duh!?!) and is within walking distance of both  the Natural History Museum and Harrods as well as some fantastic cocktail bars.

On our first afternoon we went to the Science Museum – which is something I’ve wanted to do for ages. It was a great visit with so much information to take in and some great things to look at. I was particularly interested in the exhibition that was on at the time which looked at how the body deals with pain. We had hoped to go to the Natural History Museum as well, but the queue was ridiculously long.

That evening we went for dinner at Ciro’s Pomodoro (Hubs is a Pizza addict) in Knightsbridge, it is a small basement restaurant covered in pictures of celebrity fans. It was very busy and was packed full of people. What is so lovely about this place is the atmosphere and the live music – the guy who was singing when we were there was fantastic. Parked outside the restaurant was a Black Velvet (yes velvet) Ferrari! This was followed by a bit of a bar/pub crawl with some lovely cocktails – one cocktail bar in particular was fantastic, but by this point I had overindulged in cocktails so could not tell you the name!

On our first morning we went for a long walk to find somewhere to have breakfast, we were very fortunate to come across Muriel’s Kitchen – the breakfast was so good that we ended up returning the next morning too! You must try the eggs, they are from a specific farm and the yolks are an amazingly vibrant/deep orange and taste divine.

yes, that is hubs possibly picking his noes in the window reflection!

After breakfast we continued our walk and went to Oxford street and surrounding for a spot of shopping with the aim of going to Bodeans in Soho for lunch. Hubs has been talking about going here for ages, and we both love this type of food, but I will warn you that we probably made a mistake eating in the morning before going. In fact we made a mistake eating the week before!

We ordered the Bodeans Boss Hog Platter for 2, which included various types of ribs (some bigger than you could ever imagine) sausage, pulled pork, burnt ends, chicken thighs and sausages, plus chips and coleslaw! Despite voicing my concerns, in the spur of the moment Hubs added nachos to our order too. The food was delicious, and while the platter completely defeated us, they happily bagged it up for us to finish off later.

After this massive feast we needed a good long walk to help our food go down, so we walked from Soho to the Millennium Bridge and all the way along Southbank then back to Chelsea! After having a little rest and finishing off the remaining food we set off for more amazing cocktails.

The weekend was lovely, and we had an amazing time and it was a perfect end to our wedding weekend going home was such a downer.

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Love Lilla xx

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