LIFESTYLE | New Years Resolution: Socialise More – Trips to the O2 and other ideas

I was thinking of ways to actively be more social and the idea to get Miranda Hart tickets at the O2 came to me. I haven’t been to the O2 in ages, and now I have an O2 contract I get Perks – such as queue jumping and exclusive access to the O2 Lounge or the O2 Blueroom.

It got me thinking about who else I’d like to go up there to see, unfortunately the list, which already includes McBusted, Little Mix, Nine Inch Nails and Ed Sheeran, is growing bigger.

As well as, going to the O2 the other thing I have been thinking of is a much over due Karaoke session, they are so much fun, even Hubs enjoys it once he gets into. Also (in the spirit of Miranda Hart) I was thinking of going to some more comedy nights, Brighton has a great comedy circuit. It’s been ages since I went to any shows, but last time I did Mickey Flannagan was touring, just before he started getting popular on TV.

We have quite a good music scene too, so I will definitely be making it to some local gigs this year. Bot to mention Proud Cabaret – they do a Speakeasy night, with dinner which I think could be incredible!

What do you do to spice up your social life?

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