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Leather Jacket – New Look (old)
Jeans – Milla Grace Boutique
Leopard Print Fur Scarf –
Leopard Converse
Hat – H&M (old)
Glasses – ASOS (old)

A couple of weekends ago Hubs and I took a trip to the Booth Museum in Brighton. It was founded by Edward Booth on 1874 and is filled with taxidermy, butterflies, fossils, bones and skeletons.

The Booth Museum has always been a favorite of mine, when I was younger I was slightly scared of all the taxidermy, but completely fascinated at the same time!

Edward Booth was taught Taxidermy at a young age and was a very keen hunter. He caught, killed and skinned almost all the creatures in the museum, which he created to host his bird exhibitions.Once he had killed the animal, Booth would then paint a picture of the surroundings the bird was caught in and skin the animal, which he then sent to his Taxidermisy, George Saville. At the time stuffed birds would usually be presented on a perch, but Booth and Saville created scenes with the birds to demonstrate the natural habitat and habits of the animals. 

Since handing over the museum in the late 1800s the collection has grown to include fossils that have been found locally, a stillborn cyclops cat and several animal skeletons including a half complete Dodo skeleton, created from several animals – the Dodo bones are so rare that only a few complete ones exist.

If you are about in Brighton and want something free or cheap ( admission is free, suggested donation of £1) to do then I really recommend a trip to the Booth Museum. If you have a little one, there are loads of activities for them to do! 

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