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So back in January I attempted to try the Exante Diet, but unfortunately a couple of days in I got ill. I must stress, this had nothing to do with diet, it was just a bug going around and I didn’t fully recover for a few weeks (this was hindered by my Iron deficiency).

I got back on it at the end of February. I had maintained my start weight during the gap (always a positive sign!) and thought I’d just plunge right back in.

As I mentioned in my first post, I have previously done Exante with great results, but I have to say this time I struggled – partly I guess because I didn’t have an important goal in mind like my wedding. Also, the first week is always the hardest, and I think that I had forgotten just how testing it can be to start off with.

I decided not to exercise while doing the Total Solution because during the first week you are so tired that it’s just not realistic to expect that of your body.

When I did Exante for my wedding, I had only had a few flavours of shakes and soups, the standard porridge and the Carbonara meal, so I was quite happy with the extended range I was given this time and the inclusion of the bars.

However, I really did not like the bars, which was disappointing – but being in the right frame of mind really helps overcome the taste factor. What I mean is that the best way to approach any VLCD diet is to not look at the meal replacements as food, but fuel. Saying that I actually found a lot of it very pleasant and was very surprised by the meals. They may look completely unappetising, but actually they aren’t that bad. The Carbonara and Bolognese were probably my favorite meals, and I actually liked all the soups and shakes!

The other challenge is keeping the water intake up – which is something I struggle with anyway, but after day two I was fine, it also helps keep the hunger at bay!

So now for the results….

Start weight: 13st 5.5lbs

Waist: 37″

Hips: 43″

End Weight: 13st 0lbs
Waist: 35.5″
Hips: 42″

I lost 5.5lbs in the week and 1.5″ on my waist as well as 1″ on my hips which I was pleased with. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very proactive in the following weeks and went on a bit of a burger binge, so have put a few lbs back on!

If you are serious about shifting the lbs and have the determination and motivation to stick to the Total solution then I would definitely recommend it. Otherwise either of the other plans are just as effective, just not as speedy.

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