BEAUTY | How To Make a Hydrating Mask – Contains Peanuts

This week we make a return to skin care, with this  ”How To Make a Hydrating Mask’ guide, from Dirty Looks. Obviously as this recipe contains Peanuts, it is not suitable for anyone with a nut allergy.

This post really should have been posted earlier in the winter, as we could quite possibly be getting our swimming costumes out this weekend if news reports are anything to go by. Even if we don’t get that much heat, in Brighton at least we are guaranteed to get a lot of hopeful men in shorts!

I’ve noticed the last month or so, that this cold weather has really taken a toll on my skin. Generally I have quite good and young looking skin, and while it’s not flaky it definitely is looking dry and it dehydrated, making me look tired and, heaven forbid OLD!

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