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Silidyn Rejuvenate c/o Silidyn

Most of us are aware of the
many health and beauty benefits of silicon.  It’s been clinically proven
to not only improve the health of hair skin and nails, but also improve the
health of bone and connective tissue, boost immunity and improve cell
rejuvenation.  Silicon really is an all-round ‘wonder product’ for women –
both inside and out.

Silidyn Rejuvenate is designed to
provide nutrients that are importing both inner and outer health and beauty.
Just 10 drops of Silidyn (recommended dose) in water a day provides vitamins
and nutrients to support:

– The maintenance of strong bones

– Healthy skin, hair and nails

– Connective tissue

– Immune system

– Antioxidant effect

– Cell regeneration

I was sent my own bottle of the
supplement and challenged to take the 8 week challenge to see if I could notice
the difference. There are a few reasons why I accepted; Osteoporosis runs in my
family, so anything that might strengthen my bones is a plus, also my hair and
nails are generally quite rubbish!

So for 8 weeks I added 10 drops
to my morning glass of water – I personally couldn’t tell the difference. After
6 weeks I noticed a definite improvement in my nails. Ordinarily my nails are
quite weak, where I occasionally bite them they tend to peel in layers. Not to
mention that they are all bendy and often break off. What I noticed was that,
while not solid as such, my nails did firm up and were growing a bit faster.

After 8 weeks, I noticed a
visible difference in the overall appearance of my skin – it seemed less tired
and dry. My hair also became more shinny and manageable.

While I did get a cold as I
started taking the supplement, I recovered relatively quickly and managed to
avoid Hubs sniffle/flu that he got!

In the 8 weeks that I was using
Silidyn I did notice an improvement in myself, and I will continue to use it in
order to see what the long term benefits could be.

Do you take any supplements?
What do you recommend?

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