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Pick’n’Mix 5 Experience pack of Tea and in cup infuser c/o Bluebird Tea Co

I love tea, I mean really very few people don’t, but I’m literally always making it in the office! I feel like I can’t focus in an afternoon without a cup sitting there. I generally like all types of tea, although my favourites are generally Rooibos (or Red bush).

Bluebird Tea Co. are award winning tea specialist, their loose tea range includes black, green and fruit teas, to name a few as well as teas designed to de-stress you, aid digestion, slimming and promote well-being.

As they are opening up a shop in Brighton soon, they invited me to trial some of their products, looking at the site, I was slightly overwhelmed with the choice so I asked them to surprise me with their favourites. After the asked a bit about my preferences I was sent Rhubarb and Custard, Mint Choc Rooibos (pictured with the heart), Earls Paradise, MojiTEA and Skinny Minny. They also sent me an in cup infuser as I didn’t have one.

Each packet gives you instructions on the optimal water temperature, brewing time and whether it can be served with milk.

I actually liked all the teas – I was a bit worried that the Mint Choc one would be too minty or too chocolaty but the flavours are beautifully balances, even hubs, who is not a mint fan was pleasantly surprised by it.

The Earls Paradise, is a lovely sweet twist on the classic earl grey, and I personally prefer it sans milk.

The MojiTea is a lovely peppermint and lime green tea, which I actually prefer to peppermint tea. As for the Skinny Minny, it’s pretty self explanatory, it’s a tea designed to help boost the metabolism, calm the stomach and is made from Pu’erh and Oolong teas.

My favourite tea though is Rhubarb and Custard, which I was a bit surprised about – I’ve shared it with my BFF and he also was loving the unusual flavor. The flavour is not too overwhelming (I was initially thinking of the sweets) but has lovely hints of each.

As I previously mentioned, they have loads of different teas, so it is definitely worth a browse. They also do collection/gift sets that would make fabulous gifts for any tea fan.

Are you a tea fan? Do you like herbal and fruit teas or are you more of a PG tips person?

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