TRAVEL | Garmin Nuvi 50 Touchscreen Sat Nav Review

Garmin Nuvi Touchscreen Sat Nav c/o Tesco for review purposes

About a month ago I was asked to be a safety
and security tester for Tesco Compare and have a go at testing
the Garmin Nuvi Touchscreen Sat Nav. So in line with Murphy’s Law my car
immediately broke down, not once (battery), not twice (alternator) but three
times (rear brakes!)! Now my car (we call her ‘The Beast’), is back at her best
I decided it was the perfect time to go on a road trip with the Sat Nav.

Once out of the packaging the Nuvi is really
easy to set up, you literally pop it in its cradle, attach the cradle to the
window sucker thing (that’s technical speak of course!) and then plug one end
of the wire into the back of the Sat Nav and the other into your cigarette
lighter bit. Obviously from here you stick the window sucker on to the
windscreen, making sure it is in a safe place that will not obstruct your view,
and then you are ready to get your driving instructions.

I already had an ancient old Garmin Sat Nav so
I was already familiar with the interface, but had I not been it wouldn’t have
mattered it is really intuitive to use. 
I noticed immediately that the touchscreen is a lot more sensitive than
my old own which is great because I don’t have to spend ages touching the
screen trying to press the letter I need.

Being a new Sat Nav it is up to date with the
latest changes in the area such as the new 20mph speed limits (damn you
greens!) and Brighton’s stupid one way system. You can set the sat nav up to
calculate your route but fastest route, avoiding motorway etc.

Overall I was impressed with the device, but
there were two issues (one in my opinion). Issue number one is that Hubs hates
Sat Navs, he hates the voices and the loudness of the lady! Also being a man he
thinks he has an amazing sense of direction and therefore has no need for a sat

The real issue, which to be honest is minor is
that there was a bit of unclearness in some of the directions it gave, I
think the road confused the Sat Nav as it told me to turn left to continue down
the street I was on – the reason I say this is minor because the road is a bit
complicated because it sort of doubles in width at a junction.

followed the instruction regardless and where my old Garmin would take 30 or so
seconds to recalculate the route, this one had almost instantly adjusted the
route to suit my new path.

I’d say
this Sat Nav is a good one to get – not that I am a Sat Nav expert but it’s easy
to use, storable and holds its battery life well so it doesn’t always have to
be plugged into the car.

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