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Web-blinds have created this great Sleep Guide with details on why you might not be sleeping that well and tips on how to improve the problem. They also have a great sleep calculator, that tells you what time to go to bed for optimal sleep depending on what time you need to wake up.

My main problem with sleeping at the moment (apart from the persistent cat meows from about 6.45am) is the light in my bedroom. We have a really large and wide window in our bedroom, which means the room is flooded with light from the second the suns out.

To help promote their Sleep Guide and allow me a long awaited lie-in, Web-blinds sent me some stunning slatted blinds. I got to choose both the colour and the material they were made from, then they were made custom for my crazy window size and delivered in about 10 days. They were really easy to install.

Since Hubs put them up I have had a good few lie-ins (woke him up and told him to deal with the hungry kitties as I was going back to sleep!) which is really unlike me, even managed to sleep until 10am one morning. I’ve also noticed that I wake up less throughout the night. I am really happy to have these blinds, even if it means that Hubs might sleep in even longer these days.

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