BRIGHTON | Bluebird Tea co invited me for a Tea Mixology Workshop

On Friday the lovely people at Bluebird Tea Co. invited myself and some other Brighton Bloggers to come in for a Tea Mixology Workshop. I have previously blogged about the new start up by Krisi and Mike, when they sent me some lovely loose tea.

We were treated to some yummy tea cocktails – the MATCHA Mojito was delicious as was the Strawberry Lemonade Drop! As part of the Tea Mixology session we were split into 2 groups to cover 3 activities.

My first session was an introduction to Matcha, which is a traditional Japanese green tea, it comes in the form of a powder and has 10 times the benefits of regular green tea as well as loads of vitamin C and 3 x the energy boost of coffee. We tried the 4 types of Matcha – plain, Orange, Lemon and Blueberry – I preferred the lemon and orange flavours personally. The Matcha should not be added to boiling water (100 degrees) so add a bit of cold water to it before adding the hot water. Matcha on it’s own has quite a chalky taste, but can be added to a range of things and still keep it’s health benefits. We tested the Matcha in various forms – my favourite being in their Super Tea Matcha Smoothie.

We were then shown all the different times of tea (Rooibos, Pu’erh etc) and learnt about the difference and origins of the tea, this was followed by testing the various types of loose tea they sell – I love the Rhubarb and Custard, which seems like an odd flavour, but it really works!

Finally we got to make our own loose tea – I chose a combination of Rooibos, Lavender, Rose Petals and Hibiscus.

If you would like to try some Matcha, Bluebird Tea have kindly given me a 20% off code for all my readers – just use ‘LillaLovesMatcha‘.

If you are interested in attending one of these Mixology evenings, they are held at the end of every month – the next one takes place on Friday 27th June.

Are you a loose tea drinker?

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Love Lilla xx

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