LIFESTYLE | #FWThrowback Competition – My Holiday Throwback

Before: 10 year old me in Beverly Hills/ After: My wedding in Spain

Want to win up to £150 worth of swimwear and clothes for your summer holidays (I know I wouldn’t turn it down!), well Fashion World are hosting a fun holiday inspired competition. 

All you have to do is:

Find your vintage holiday photo and recreate it…

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The original image I went for is one of my favourite pictures and memories from my time in Beverley Hills with my granddad. I was 9 turning 10 and my granddad had come to visit us in the UK, we were always really close despite the distance. He suggested that I come back with him for a couple of weeks – my mum left it up to me, whole heartedly thinking that no 9 year old would want to fly to America without her mum and fly back all on her own, but I did, I have always been quite independent!

What started off as a two week holiday ended up as nearly 3 months living with my granddad and his girlfriend and her daughter – I even spent my birthday there and they threw me an amazing fairy princess birthday party (that’s me in my fairy costume), took me to Disney, Six Flags and Universal. I also ended up going on holiday to Mexico with them, which is an incredible experience all on its own!

My time in L.A. was ended when my mum called to let my granddad know I had to go back to school in a couple of weeks, his response was that he had actually enrolled me in school locally to start with his girlfriends daughter. Obviously my mum demanded my return!

The second photo was of my wedding in the same granddads house in Spain. Unfortunately he was no longer around to see this day, but as I said we were always close so I decided to have my wedding at his house and added loads of elements to show that we were thinking of him! I dressed and felt like a princess at my wedding so I felt that this was the perfect recreation of my fairy princess holiday snap! 

For more details on how to enter visit the competition page.

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