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Apart from the odd day, it has been beautiful in Brighton the last couple of weeks, which means BBQ and outdoor drinks are in order soon, and therefore so is a big weeding sesh.

Luckily for us a couple of years ago we paved the majority of our garden, leaving 4 borders for plants and 2 vegetable patches (we only are growing potatoes at the moment) so the whole garden isn’t too much hard work (I suppose that is easy to say because Hubs is the resident gardener!).Our patio area is made up of bricks and concrete, which means there are loads of cracks and gaps for weeds, or unwanted plants to grow and boy have they really taken over the garden in the wetter months.

I was kindly sent some Resolva 24H RTU* to review so thought I would pass this on to Hubs. He was a bit annoyed if I am honest, as he likes to use his personally approved products because he knows they are animal safe and that they are reliable.

This is especially important after we recently had to rush Tobias (one of our cats) to the emergency vets after he decided to eat slug pellets that someone had laid in their garden. Luckily, Tobias made a full recovery, but the vet said that most of the animals they get in that have imbibed this sort of poison don’t make it.

The first thing we did was read up on the product and whether it was safe for our cats, which it was – the instructions say that once it is dried the sprayed area is safe for both children and animals to be in the area. Then we Hubs waited for a good clear day to start targeting our collection of weeds.

Resolva 24H, which is a spray with the active ingredients glyphosate and diquat, can be used on garden weeds such as grasses, nettles and dandelions (and way more!) and is naturally broken down in the soil after use, which means your soil will be safe to plant new stuff after. They also warn that rainfall within 6 hours could reduce the effectiveness of the product.

Application was really simple as it comes in a handy spray bottle, you literally just spray the plant and leave it to die off. They recommend leaving the plants for 7 days after the treatment to ensure that the roots have been killed off properly too.

I know ideally, I would have images after 24 hours, but it actually rained the night and day after application and it was too dark to get decent pictures. However the 2 day results are still extremely impressive. Hubs even admitted that he thought it was good (and he can be stubborn).

As well as killing the patio weeds, Hubs also used it on some of the weeds on our borders, which was very successful too. Resolva instructions are VERY clear that you should be really careful not to get the spray on any plants that you want to keep if spraying on a lawn or border.

I can confirm that Hubs will continue using Resolva as he was impressed with the quick results and ease of application.

What do you do to get your garden ready for Summer?

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| I was given the Resolva 24H RTU for free for review purposes. This has in no way influenced my review|

Love Lilla xx

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