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The House of Fraser beauty team kindly sent me a Nails inc Normal to Dry Nail kit and their Bright Side collection so that I could create a nail tutorial.

The dry nail kit consists of Nail Incs Caviar Base Coat and Top Coat, which encourages nails to strength and stops them drying out, as well as a cuticle oil and a 4 sided file with buffer, ridge remover and polish capabilities. I have been using the cuticle oil, base and top coats and have notices a slight strengthening in my nails already.

Their Bright Side collection consists of 10 colours, ranging from pastels to bright/neon colours, but today I will focus on the 3 colours that I used in the tutorial Wellington Square (coral), Lowndes Square (Lilac) and Lanesborough Place (Metallic Gold).

I am definitely not a nail art queen! But practise makes perfect and you learn a lot through trial and error, so I thought I’d get testing techniques and colours and then maybe one day my nail skills will be amazing!

To get started you will need:
Base coat
Top coat
3 complimentary nail colours
Nail tape (I have really shaky hands, so I found this essential)

Nail Inc Normal to Dry Nail kit and Nail Inc Bright Side Collection c/o House of Fraser* / Nail Tape – Amazon

 I painted my nails with the base colours for each nail, and decided on a Lilac nail with a Gold stripe for my little finger. This was really simple to achieve:

1. Paint the nail with the accent colour and wait until it is completely dry
2. Apply the nail tape to the nail to create the stripe and paint over with the main colour of your nail
3. Wait until the nail is dry, then slowly and carefully remove the tape
4. Finish with top coat.

I decided to apply the same technique to my thumb but with multiple stripes and inverse colours (see below).

 What I Learnt

While the idea worked, I think I needed to wait a bit longer before taking off the tape. Also I think the gold works better as an accent, possibly because of its metallic finish.

The final design I tried was a more complicated line design with two accent colours.

What I Learnt

I definitely needed  to wait a bit longer for the base colours to dry before applying the gold as the coral seemed to leak/spill across to the lilac side after the application. Also it is important to make sure that the nail tape is completely stuck down as the design will be ruined if the top colour gets underneath it. I also recommend cutting the tape down to size rather than wrapping it around your finger like I have.

 What do you think of my first attempt at nail art? Have you got any tips to share on how to create chic nail art?

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