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 I usually do a big shop at the beginning of the month, where I go to our local wholesalers (Malpass) and I bulk buy our meat, it’s really good you can get 5kg of Chicken breast for £20! I then pack them up into portions and put them in the freezer, while my cat Tobias has a meat related breakdown on the floor (he actually just rolls around on the floor purring like a made man the whole time!).

I also do a regular shop in the supermarket where I stock up on cupboard essential like pasta, rice and tinned tomatoes, as well as flour to make bread. I also usually buy loads of fruit and veg, that then rots before we can eat it all and then neglect to buy any more.

I’ve been trying to eat more healthily lately and increase our fruit and veg intake, so to remedy our fruit and veg wastage we started getting Abel and Cole boxes delivered a about two months ago. If you don’t know about Abel and Cole, they deliver local organic, in season produce directly to your house. We get a weekly Medium Fruit and Veg box (£18.75), which consists of 3 portions of fruit and 5 veg including potatoes. This arrives early morning every Wednesday (we have agreed a spot for it to be left) and is delivered for just 99p.

One of the many things I like about Abel and Cole is that there is little to no packaging, and what there is is fully recyclable. You can even give all the packaging back to your delivery driver so that the company can re-use it. Additionally, when you join you get a great recipe book, and each week you get a recipe card.

Not to mention the freebies! So far we have received a free bottle of Olive Oil (because we were referred by a friend), Eggs, Milk and Marmalade.

Both Hubs and I have noticed that all the food delivered tastes amazing, everything is so fresh and has so much flavour. Also, because the items are all chosen by what’s in season and available you often end up with items you usually wouldn’t buy. You can add items you don’t like/want to an exclusion list and they will give you something else, and you know what you are being delivered a week in advance, which allows you to plan what you are cooking and what you need.

The box doesn’t have to come weekly, you can set it up to be delivered every fortnight or monthly, or as a one off. You always receive a reminder text 2 days before your delivery to remind you, just in case you want to add something to the delivery or you need to cancel it. If you are looking for a fruit and veg box I would definitely recommend them.

Do you eat your greens? Or are you a vegetable dodger?

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