LIFESTYLE | Clothes and shoes everywhere and not a bit of space

Hubs and I share quiet a spacious one bed ground floor flat in Hove. As a whole we have a lot of space and storage so that is not a problem, until you get into the bedroom. I was going to take a picture of Hubs and my cupboards, but to be honest I am ashamed at the state they have become (mainly mine) since I had a wardrobe clear out last year. I am sad to say that my cupboard looks considerably worse than the before photo from that post, and my shoes have now taken up a permanent residence on my bedroom floor.

We have 2 built in double wardrobe, with a combination of drawers (I have two long drawers sectioned into 3 parts), between them is a built in dressing table and shallow drawer that hubs has claimed and on top of that are six cupboards that we use for other storage.

Unfortunately, the layouts are not great, the space is not optimised and recently I have found my self day dreaming of some bespoke wardrobes in London that I saw.

The main issue I have is that the drawers at the bottom of my cupboard come up too high for full length items, like maxi dress.They also have rubbish ventilation so everything smells funny, and aren’t easily accessible. This means I hang up all my clothes, with limited space and limited hangers, which then bulk and items fall off.

Until we move into our own place we will not be investing in new and beautifully optimised wardrobes, which means I have to have another clear out (no!), buy more hangers and maybe invest in some temporary organisers like the cloth shelves to store my shoes and items that I would like to fold.

Do you have any space saving tips I could use?

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