HUBS | Lego Simpsons Mini Figures

My wife will certify that I am a child trapped in a mans
body. When it comes to toys I need no excuse to linger slightly too long
in the toy isle at the supermarket. That’s exactly where this little compulsion started, a little under two years ago I started buying Lego mini figures  – I was keen to
get hold of the the lil’ yellow man wearing a chicken suit (don’t ask me why!)

Two years later, after amassing an odd collection of random mini figures I’m still hunting my elusive ‘chicken man’ (although we now have the crazy cat lady!)

For my Birthday my amazingly ingenious wife managed to
get a huge amount of Lego Simpsons* mini figures delivered. (32 to be precise)
Cue child like glee at the amount of Lego in front of my eyes!!

Everyone loves Lego?

Everyone loves Simpsons?

Marketing wizards!!!!

What a great collaboration and the detail is

From Mr Burns’ 3 eyed fish to Ned Flanders “I love
south paws” mug, and my favourite Itchy and Scratchy. The accessories
really bring the feel of the TV show to life.

After some time assembling the cast I was disappointed to
see that I had a few ‘doubles or swaps’ and missing the Kwik E Mart
entrepreneur Apu.

I can’t really grumble as I have the entire collection
minus 1 so it’s a not the end of the world. I’m hoping for another series of figures in this collaboration as Spingfield has a vast array of crazy characters and look forward to future

Anyone got a Apu? 

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* I (Lilla, not Hubs) was sent these items for free in order to feature on the blog (and delight my husband.)

Love Lilla xx

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