LIFESTYLE | Slimming World #WeighInWednesday #1

Start Weight: 13st 10lbs
Week 1 Weight: 13st 6lbs
Total Lost: -4lbs

I have completed my first week of Slimming World! Woop woop! It’s been easy, I was NEVER hungry and I’ve actually really enjoyed what I am eating. What’s more is that Hubs has not been complaining about the food either, like he has done when I have been on other diets.

I have to admit I was a bit naughty on Friday when I got invited to the Brighton Big Screen for a blogger event and ate Nachos, a Burritto and a cupcake, which took me way over my Syns allowance! But by some sort of miracle I have still managed to lose 4lbs!!! I am so happy.

Since starting the diet I have noticed a few changes in how I am feeling in myself. For starters, I haven’t been feeling bloated, I’ve been more regular, I’ve had more energy and my skin has been clearer.

I haven’t been exercising a lot recently, but a couple of weeks ago I started walk to and from work which is about 7km, which helps combat sitting on my bum at work all day. I do intend to start running again, especially now the weather is so nice.

Although the diet is easy to stick to, preparation and planning is key to success (at least for me during work). I’ve been making dinners big enough for me to take left overs to work the following day (like spag bol and chilli) as well as fruit to snack on. I’ve also got a collection of Mugshots in my drawer as they are a freefood!

Also I have found the Minimins Slimming World forum really helpful for syns in foods and free food snack/meal ideas.

Are you dieting? How have you done this week?

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