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I can almost hear some of my regular readers groaning and thinking to themselves, NOT ANOTHER ATTEMPT AT DIETING. After successfully losing a large chunk of weight a few years ago on Weight Watcher, I managed to maintain my weightt for close to two years. Unfortunately this year I have really struggled to lose or even maintain my weight and had turned to various extreme diets without any long term success.

After getting on the scales and seeing that I had ballooned to a massive 13st 10lbs (the biggest I have been for 2/3 years) I reasoned with myself that I had to do something and do it quickly before I went up into the 14 stone range. I know that there is only 4lbs between my current weight and 14 stone, but I promised myself that I would NEVER go above 13st 13lbs because once I did I would probably keep going like I have so many times before.

I’ve recently seen a few of my friends lose substantial amounts of weight on Slimming World*, I thought it was time that I tried it. Surprisingly, I have never actually been on Slimming World before, despite,  having tried actually every other diet in the world (I even did the cabbage soup diet at uni!).

I received my starter pack (pictured above) and read over the basics of the diet and was actually surprised at how easy it seems. I decided to do the Extra Easy plan – because let’s face it I’ve been trying to shift this weight for close to a decade so need all the help I can get!

On the Extra Easy plan I can eat as much lean meat, fish, veg, fruit and pasta as I want, a portion of milk or cheese and a portion of grain/cereal/bread without having to track or count anything. I then get between 5-15 syns a day to use on items that fall outside of the above such as butter, chocolate, additional milk etc

My hope is to start Slimming World, really get in to it and reach 10st 7lbs. I never usually set myself weight target because it’s been so long since I was a healthy weight that I don’t actually know what will look good or what I will feel happy with, so I might reach this goal and feel like I want to lose more. However I haven’t plucked this figure out of the air, at my weight a health BMI (I loathe the BMI scale, but it’s the only guide I have) is under 11stone 3lbs. I chose 10 stone 7lbs because it gives me a bit of room for fluctuation.

To keep me motivated I will be writing a weekly diary/diet summary on Wednesdays to document things I’ve found helpful, any struggles I have and hopefully some pictures so you guys can see me disappear in front of you.

Have any of you been on Slimming World? Got any tips for me?

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|*Slimming World have provided me with a months free online trial|

Love Lilla xx

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