FOOD | Casual Dieting and Missing weeks #WeighInWednesday

Start Weight: 13st 10lbs
Week 1 Weight: 13st 7lbs
Total Lost: -3lbs

Firstly, I have not been able to blog since getting back from Amsterdam, I have been way to busy catching up with work and house work to just sit down and get back on track. So apologies for missing last weeks post.

After a disappointing week last time I blogged, Hubs and I had a talk and I thought while I am in Amsterdam I will enjoy myself and not worry about the diet. We were eating out constantly as our Hotel didn’t have a restaurant and there was no fridge in our room, so trying to plan a head was useless. The only real plus was due to being on antibiotics I couldn’t drink until Sunday so I couldn’t consume loads of empty calories.

Despite this decision (and a massive meal at the Hard Rock Cafe!) I lost 1lb. I think this has a lot to do with the walking we were doing. We literally walked from the moment we left the hotel at around 9am until we would get back each night around 11pm.

Since getting back I haven’t been following a specific diet but I have restarted walking to and from work and not obsessing about food and have maintained my progress from the previous week.

Later on this month is Hubs and my first wedding anniversary, I know that I wasn’t a small dainty bride but, I did lose a good stone before the wedding and am about 7lbs heavier than I was in this picture. I would like to be as close to that weight as possible when we come to celebrating it, so I am going to motivate myself back into the gym this week and try to get back into slimming world. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if Slimming World is the diet for me after all. I will give it one more week and see if thing improve, but I think that I am just eating way to much and not really getting my head around it.

What do you find your biggest struggles are when dieting?

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