FASHION | Summer footwear Flip-Flops V Sandals

It’s an eternal summer footwear dilemma – Flip-Flops or Sandals. During the Summer period our feet finally get the chance to come out and get a bit of fresh air. But which would you choose to strut your stuff in?

I love Flip Flops they are easy to quickly pop on, great for the daytime or evening strolls but the beach. Also now days there are more and more types – personally I love Havaiana flip-flops. They come in a massive range of colour and patterns, as well as types – I just discovered the wedges and am in love. They would be perfect for a day to night at La Sala beach in Marbella.  Also they are in the sale at Spartoo, and it’s my birthday soon *hint hint*

I’m not adverse to Sandals either! Last year I bought some lovely ones from H&M that I lived in. The good thing about sandals is they are a better alternative to Flip-Flops in the office. They are also not too casual and no-one is going to turn you away from a bar or club if you are wearing sandals. But I find that they aren’t always as comfortable (I have never suffered in Flip-flops unlike Hubs who has trouble with the thong) and can result in really odd tan lines!

Are you a Sandal Siren or a Flip Flopper?

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