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I’m not sure if this is weird, or odd, but Hubs and I often
end up with ‘His and Her’ fragrances. It all started when my mum bought us the
His and Her Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances as a gift, we then went on to the
Paco Rabanne Millionaire range and more recently Boss Orange.

While Hubs has been a Hugo Boss wearer for many years, I’ve
always seen the brands fragrances as very masculine. Last year he got me the Boss
Orange Sunset perfume
, which I love and found to be a great summer
fragrance, but I had never worn or tried the standard Boss
Orange Womens EDT

Reading about the fragrance, it has Vanilla and olive tree
Base notes. This really surprises me because usually I think that Vanilla is
too sweet for a fragrance, but in the case of Boss Orange this is not true. The
Vanilla is in no way over powering and it is complimented beautifully by White
flowers and Sandalwood. The initial scent that I notice is the apple which is
delightfully fresh.

It also says that the fragrance “captures today’s urban,
natural and modern woman” which explains why I feel just as confident wearing
this perfume when I’m out with my friends, as I do in meetings with clients. I
find that when I wear Boss Orange I get great compliments throughout the day,
making it easy to wear – this may sound odd to say, but scent can be a really
individual thing. A great example is Angel by Thierry Mugler – I love it and
know loads of people that do, but Hubs isn’t too keen and my Dad, who is
usually oblivious to smells, hates it.

When it comes to
Boss Orange for Men
, it is definitely one of my favourite scents on Hubs, along
with Chanel Bleu. I love catching a surprise whiff of it when he gives me a hug
after work, or while I’m cooking. If you want to see what Hubs thinks of it
he’s written his own fragrance review.

What do you look for in a fragrance? Please give me some recommendations!

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Love Lilla xx

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