FASHION | #HEELSVFLATS at Pineapple Dance Studios

I spent Saturday doing something I’ve dreamt about doing from a young age – dancing at Pineapple Dance Studios! In my teens I did Jazz for several years – I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t amazing, but I did it as I love to dance. Westfields are currently running a Heels v Flats campaign, so sent me and five other bloggers up to Pineapple Dance studios to see which won when it came to dancing.

Now I am a devout flats wearer, I only pull out my heels (usually my faithful wedges) on special occasions. Even on my wedding days the heels came off once I was down the aisle and the pictures were done. But on Saturday I donned my highest heels during a one and half hour dance lesson.

Apart from Jess from LWIG, I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting my fellow dance students who were The Strawberry Sisters, Emma and Ali. We started off in flats learning a dance to ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce (I have wanted to learn this routine FOREVER). We learnt 8 beats at time and I was sort of getting a hang of it, but still had moments where I was tripping over my own legs.

We then popped on our heels, and despite being convinced all morning that I was going to break an ankle, I went from an awkward amateur with two left feet to feeling like…

Oddly with the heels on not only did I feel like a fierce, sexy and empowered women, I actually managed to dance better. When you are wearing heels you stand taller, straighter and your legs look great, so I guess all of these added to my new found confidence (as well as having got to terms with the steps in flats).

When it comes to Heels vs Flats, I think I am still a flats girl day to day (my feet really ached on Sunday) but I think that in future I will be less hesitant to wear my heels, and have already invested in some sensible day to day heels!

So where do you stand in the Heels vs Flats debate?

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