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Joe was recently tasked with styling me for the Christmas season by Simply Be. Obviously this was very exciting, but completely horrifying at the same time. Joe is a man, how can he possibly understand things like dressing for shape or boobs?

The final outfit consisted of this lovely Skater dress*, I am not hugely comfortable in girlie dresses, and this one was a flattering shape, caters for my chest and has a lovely gold metallic pattern on it, which makes it more dressy, while keeping it comfortable.

As the dress was short sleeved and Joe know I can be a bit bingo- wing conscious he added this lovely fluffy cropped jumper*. This was something I loved when I saw on the website and imagined teaming with jeans, but unfortunately when it arrived it was just too high-necked for me. However, I think my lil’ sis may have her eye on it…

To accessories the outfit he chose this simple geometric necklace*, I’m not going to lie, I have worn this everyday since it came. It’s such a nice simple addition to any outfit. He also added this lovely Faux Fur Stole* – originally he ordered the black, which would have been a perfect addition for the outfit, but they were out of stock so he went with the cream one. While it doesn’t really go with the outfit (or might look better minus the jumper) I love it, and have discovered it goes perfectly with a new coat I have! The bag was also a nice touch, he initially chose the black patent one, which would have again matched the outfit a lot better, but I think my love of leopard print made it a tough decision for him too make! Shoes are meant complete an outfit – knowing how clumsy I am in general, let alone in heels, he went with some wedged ankle boots*.

Overall I am pleased with the outfit he chose – it also made me realise he pays a lot more attention than I thought – like the cut of the dress for example!

Joe styles Lilla from

What do you think of Joe’s attempt? Would you trust your partner to style you?

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* Simply Be provided all the items in the post

Love Lilla xx

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