I love the idea of crafting, but unlike many people now days, especially in Brighton, I am not particularly crafty. In fact the real issue is I am not patient and have a short attention span! Prime example is my unwise decision to print my own Christmas paper this year (I love the brown paper look!) It starts off well, but after five minutes of neatly stamping evenly placed snowflakes I accidentally put one in the wrong place and then I go rouge. Luckily with wrapping paper you can get away with it once the presents are wrapped. I guess the other thing is that you are always your harshes critic.

Anyway the lovely people at Joe Bloggs invited a huge bunch of bloggers (from Brighton and beyond) for a Crafting event with Hillarys held at Taj’s Tea Parlour. With some great instructions from Make Do & Trend we made no-sew bunting and an amazing Christmas bauble.

To help us create both the bunting and the bauble, Hillarys provided us with some of the new fabrics they are offering at the moment. We start with the no-sew bunting – which is really simple and boost my crafting confidence, not even I could mess this up! We were given pre-cut squares of fabric to glue round a piece of rope. The only problem I had was resisting the temptation over covering my hand with PVA glue so that I could peel it off once it was dry (soooo satisfying).

After a quick break of tea and biscuits we moved on to the more complicated bauble – it involved a lot of pinning and folding. This was a lot more time consuming than the bunting and required a fair bit of concentration – but still allowed us to continue our girly chatting. I was really pleased with my bauble,it came out much better than i had imagined.

Are you a natural crafter?

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Love Lilla xx

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