I’ve never been one for supermarket make up, except for when I was 16 and a ‘punk’ and Mary Kate and Ashley released a great range of glitter eye-liners. I’ve heard good things about Tesco’s beauty offering ‘BD Secrets‘ and thought I’d try out their primer and mattifying foundation. I’ll be honest I was pleasantly surprised!

Bd Trade Secrets Luminescence Silk Primer, £9.99
I’m used to using either the Smashbox or Bare Mineral primers, both are a gel type texture, which can leave my skin quite oily and takes a while to soak into my skin. The BD Trade Secrets primer is not like this at all, it has a much more fluid texture, which means that it is easier to apply and soaks in a lot faster so I can move on to the foundation stage more quickly.

I have tried the primer with a Rimmel Foundation (to be objective) and found that the foundation applied smoothly and evenly. As well as prolonged the stay power of my foundation compared to when I hadn’t used primer.

At first I thought £9.99 was a lot for a primer from Tesco, but considering the size of the bottle and how little you will need to use you actually get a fair bit of bang for your buck.

Bd Trade Secrets Mattifying Base Oil Free Foundation, £8.99
When it comes to foundation I usually shy away from matte, preferring a more luminescent glow, however I wanted a bit of a change for my day to day look. I find as a whole matte foundation can be a bit two dimension and not great on some skin types and applying them can be tricky. Despite that I like the way the matte foundation looked, especially once I’d completed the look.

This foundation is again more fluid than I am used to, but I found that while applying it this meant that I didn’t get the brush stroke marks that I sometimes get with others. You  don’t need much foundation, literally one pump gave good coverage, any more and I found that I started looking a bit jaundice.

I think £8.99 is a reasonable price for the product,  it definitely is on par with the usual brands like Rimmel and No. 7.

Have you had any beauty product surprises?

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