DIY Nails and Abandon Ship Apparel Nail Transfers
I’ve tried D.I.Y nail art – it’s just not for me – I can manage leopard print nails, adding a top of coat of glitter, and just about do polka dots (which are harder than leopard print) but anything beyond that is just impossible for me to do!

But that’s not to say I don’t yearn for cute patterns or designs – so I decided to try nail transfers. Joe of all people came across the website DIY Nails while browsing one of his favourite brands – Abandon Ship Apparel as they had created their own transfers. As a treat he bought me a set, as well as these cute cat head silhouette transfers.

What I love about the Abandon ship decals is that the images are very “traditional tattoo” in style – the tooth, the anchor – it reminds me of Sailor Jerry style artwork. I also love the seagull – being from Brighton and an BHAFC fan!

The transfers are really simple to apply, even I could do it!:

Can you do your own nail art? Or do you think transfers are the way forward?

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Love Lilla xx

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