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I’ve been awful with my nails for years – I’ll get them done properly very rarely. Partly because when someone else files my nails, I feel a bit funny, but in reality I am useless at nails. I can just about paint them, but then my main problem is that they chip, and I won’t remove the polish. I just end up biting it off, an awful habit, which can’t be good for me or my nails. The one thing that I find to be a good compromise are gel nail varnishes. But after a recent experience, where I had a gel manicure left me really disparaged as the varnish peeled off after 3 days, despite a promise of up to 3 weeks. Luckily my faith in getting a gel manicure has been restored after I was invited to Match Nails in Brighton for a treatment.

Situated above Match Bags, on Duke Street in Brighton, Match Nails is a lovely salon which specialises in manicures and pedicures. The staff are really friendly and the salon room  is beautiful, very plain and simple.

While waiting for my appointment I managed to peruse the shop. On the first floor is a selection of stunning Italian leather bags in different styles and amazing vivid colours – they even have some lovely shimmery clutches. On the second for is a delightful selection of shoes. Both floors are laid out in a very similar way to that of which I will one day oraganise my walk in wardrobe – a girl can dream!

I was lucky enough to have a quick 5 minute session on one of their lovely massage chairs – considering work was being particularly bothersome that day, it really helped – especially the shoulder massage bit!

Match Nails have a fairly large range of colours to chose from, all from OPI, including some OPI Gel colours. I decided to go for this lovely lilac shade “Pest in Budapest”. I opted for a Basic Gel Manicure – which they charge £35 for and the OPI Gel last for 2 weeks. You can get a mini mani from £10 for OPI Basic or £25 for Gel, or really treat yourself with the deluxe at £40. They also run a loyalty card system, so you get a free treatment after 6 visits alternatively you can  refer two friends and treat yourself!

How good are you with getting professional treatments?

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