My favourite city in the whole world is my home town, Brighton. It’s often called ‘London by the Sea’, but I think that that does Brighton a disservice. Brighton is unlike any other place I’ve every been to. Even as I type now, I am struggling so hard to think of which three things about Brighton are my favourite.

The People
Maybe I just love it so much because it’s always been my home. My family, my husband and all the fantastic people I know are here. Its way of life was instrumental in me becoming who I am. You see, Brighton is cosmopolitan, easy going, eccentric, friendly, eclectic and liberal. We are a community of artists, fashionista, free spirits and do-gooders. But most importantly we are accepting. Only in Brighton is it completely normal to see ageing pensioner ‘Disco Pete’ at any rave or night club. No true Brightonian bats an eyelid at the naked bike ride or a breast feeding flash mob because it’s just what we do.

We have a great community bond. Gay pride for example is a family event that everyone looks forward to. Not just a day for the LGBT community to be proud, but for our whole city to be proud and support them.

There is always something going on…
Literally always. We have annual event like Burning of the Clocks at Winter Solstice, the Brighton Tattoo Convention or Brighton festival. You can go to the Palace Pier, watch the tightrope walkers on the ruins of the West Pier or play volleyball on the beach.
Whether your ideal day is shopping boutiques, doing a ghost walk or exploring our Victorian sewers, Brighton really can and does cater for everyone.

The food scene
Brighton was recently named the ‘foodiest’ city outside of London, and this is true. In the last few years independent restaurants and food stalls have swept the city. You have literally been hiding under a rock if you haven’t been to Street Diner and had a Trolls Pantry burger, or a Dead Good Burrito. The Globe is know for their Krispee Kreme Donut Burgers, Smokeys for their Armadillo Eggs, The Coal Shed for their steak and lobster.
If you are vegetarian/vegan (or even if you are not) then Food For Friends or Terre a Terre are great options too.

Obviously, this is a really simplistic post about Brighton, I haven’t touched upon the unique fashion, the museum scene, the street art, festivals, markets…. the list seriously could go on.

What is your favourite city and why do you love it?

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