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#RealJuiceReboot with Madeline Shaw and The Body Coach
Sunday was the end of my first week of the #RealJuiceReboot 21 day challenge, which is a juicing plan set up with Philips, Madeline Shaw and Joe Wicks (The Body Coach). I’ve always loved the idea of making my own juices, especially after grown really fond of smoothie making last year.

To facilitate my juicing I was delivered a Viva Juicer and all the fruit and veg that I would need for week one of the plan which was created by Madeline Shaw. The juicer is great, it’s not actually that loud (although Sega runs off when I turn it on) so I can use it in the morning before work without worrying to much about the bloke who lives upstairs. But the big bonus is that it is actually really quick and easy to clean, which is something that I was dreading.

The First juice of the challenge was the Watermelon cooler. This was a great one to start off with as it was so refreshing. I know I am not that great in the mornings so I decided to prepare the Watermelon the night before. This was juiced with mint and lime to make the juice.

The best juice in my opinion by far was ‘Beat the bloat’ which was pineapple, apple, mint and lime, it was a delight to drink.

Although the idea is to juice alongside your normal habits, I have ended up substituting breakfast as you get large glass from each recipe and it fills me up until at least lunch. This is actually quite surprising considering I can eat loads.

In the first week of juicing I have slept better, lost 2lbs and feel more energised. I can really feel my body benefiting from my increase in nutrients! Let’s see how I get on with week 2!

Are you good at getting your fruit and veg intake? Or do you have a juice recipe to share? I would love to hear from you 🙂

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