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Today I have let my husband Joe (he’s just started a blog over here) do a guest post.

I have always been fairly a big follower of the latest fashion & hair trends. Sometimes before they become mainstream. Since becoming a Barber it is my duty to my clients to be able to advise them on whichever style will complement their lifestyles/face shape/hair texture.

The last couple of years has seen a resurgence in the traditional and timeless styles that were original around in the early part of the twentieth century. From slicked back hair to the Undercut, modern men’s hairstyles may have evolved but the old school styles will forever remain as a great hairstyling option for males who want a classic and timeless look. My personal favourites, fades have seen a rise in popularity here in the UK. Although I think in the USA they have always been on trend particularly for Afro-Caribbean hair types.

As with any trend though things come and then they go again maybe for a few decades or only a couple of years. There’s a few Hot new looks incoming this year. The traditional cuts will remain but adopt a modern twist, side partings will be continued (as I seem to cut on average  2 a day) but with a messier style.

I believe that heavy fringes will come back into play with some being quite short & blunt. Another prediction of mine is that guitar/bands will make a fresh appearance in the charts in the next 18 months so in turn we will see a rise in the longer hair Rocker look.

Whatever your hair type or amount of hair you have you can find a way to rock the latest look with HAIRBRO.

How do you like your hair cut?

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