LIFESTYLE | 5 Reasons I MUST go to Download this year

Download festival is not for just anyone, it’s not interchangeable like Reading, V or Wireless – think heavy metal, goth boots, and loads of moshing (although I’m not as brave as I used to be).

1. Kiss

I like Kiss a lot, I mainly got into them after watching the fan film Detriot Rock City. Let’s face it, they are old boys now, I didn’t get the chance to see them on their UK Tour, when else am I ever going to be able to see Gene Simmons on stage sticking his intriguingly long tongue out at me?

2. It’s teenage me’s equivalent to heaven

No word of a lie, my CD collection from 13+ was filled with Manson, Slipknot, Faith No More, Clutch and Hollywood Undead (OK maybe my 20s).There is nothing like reminiscing about the good old days. Also, the music is awesome and sometimes there are some awesome collabs happening – like when Jada Pinkett-Smith (yeah Will Smiths wife) joined Soil on stage to sing Halo.

3. The Food
OK, so the same vans probably go to all the festivals. But the abundance of types of food is overwhelming. I’m not sure if they still give you cash for collecting/recycling cups, but this helped me drink and eat my fill in the arena. I recommend the bangers and mash served in a yorkshire, any hog roast, all of the bacon sandwiches (obviously) and the falafel.

4. The Fashion
One word (well two) for any ex-goth/skater/grungers out there New Rocks. I never owned a pair myself, but always envied the goth vixens, with their perfect makeup, PVC skirts et al, who somehow looked amazing whilst navigating festival conditions in these magnificent platform boots.

The various fashions of Download goers is amazing, and often very different to what you see on the high street. There is the growing 50s/Pin up look, the rock gothic look (tight PVC), trad-goth (lots of velvet and lace), Punk, the list goes on. Not to mention a the fairly large bod-mod scene – tattoos, piercings and more.

5. Tattooed men (and women)

OK, tattooed men aren’t exclusive to Download. Because of its line up, it will attract a large amount of aging rockers with massive beer bellies. But there are a few long haired tattooed rock gods there.

Day tickets on sale from 9am on Friday 27th February 2015, don’t forget to check out the lineup!

Ticket Prices
Weekend Arena: £190 inc fee
Weekend & 3 night camping: £215 inc fee
Weekend & 5 night camping:  £225 inc fee

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