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Thanks to the wonderful world wide web, at the click of a button we can find out what the experts predict will be in style. With a little research, you can be bang on trend in every area of your life, including what gifts you buy for your loved ones. So, if you want to give a super stylish present to your relatives or friends this year, here are the items that are going to be hot this year.

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1.  Swap your Bordeaux for beer

Giving a special bottle of wine has always, and will continue to be, a great gift. However, maybe just once this year, consider buying an awesome beer-centric gift. Beer is big at the moment, with speciality beer sets and home brewing kits taking the gift world by storm. If you know someone with a penchant for the amber nectar, a book on matching craft beer with food may turn out to be the perfect present.

2. Rustic meets glamour

Rustic and luxurious styles, up until now, have mostly been considered incompatible. Always seeking to push the boundaries, however, designers are merging these opposites to make beautiful creations. And it seems the gift world is not exempt from this trend. Shabby chic accessories that combine countryside colours and materials with contemporary glamour are everywhere. I also love the idea of giving my loved one a glamorous vase or pot containing a plant or wild flowers. This is an excellent way to achieve the rustic meets glamour trend.

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3.Anything in….red!

You are going to see a lot of scarlet, crimson, ruby and marsala on the shelves at gift shops and homeware stores this year. All shades of red are in! It’s the colour of love, confidence and excitement, so what’s not to love? This trend applies to jewellery, bags, kitchenware and furnishings so you are bound to find something suitable for any loved one, for any occasion. When you hit the shops or online stores, head straight for the cherry velvet cushions, the terra cotta crockery and the red berry silk scarf.

4. Cycle your way to the perfect gift

Last year, woodland creatures, such as birds, foxes and owls were the motifs of choice. This year, it’s bicycles. Already appearing on a lot of stationery, they are set to pop up on textiles, wall art and other home décor throughout 2015. And these items are not just for the push bike enthusiasts. Vintage style motifs are great for retro lovers and bags with a bicycle detailing are perfect for loved ones who are setting out on a travelling adventure.

5. A tropical trend

Exotic designs involving palm trees, pineapples and bright and fresh colours are on trend and great for a gift this summer. These tropical prints will be everywhere, from wallpaper and cushions to T-shirts and scarves.

Thanks for reading my trendy gift ideas post. I hope you find something perfect for your loved ones. If you have any inside info on more fashionable presents, please leave a comment.

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