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Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you can do. Sadly, it is also the biggest cause of arguments with your fiance. Seating plans and first dance music can cause a lot of tension in a couple when you can’t agree on the details. To keep the peace, listen to each other carefully, and take each other’s opinions on board. Both of them are valid even if they clash. There is always a middle ground and perhaps better alternatives too.

The one thing you will both agree on is that you want to marry each other. Starting from this point can help you plan the rest of the day in time and on budget. There will be many choices and decisions that you will both have to make between now and then, but if you don’t lose sight of the reasons for them, you will both be OK. Another cause for fragile emotions can be attempts to slim down in time for the wedding photos. The trouble with reducing calorie intake during stressful periods is that you may become even more stressed. Enjoy the size you are now, and order that dress in your current size.

Picking a venue can be quite easy if you know what you are after. You can click here for wedding venues in Bournemouth or run a search for your local area. You will need your guest list handy to be sure your preferred venue can cater for the numbers you are hoping will attend. You might want to bring in your own catering so check your wedding venue is able to help you with that. You might prefer to get married in a church first and then travel back to the reception. This can be done more easily if you hire a coach.

Your wedding venue will need to be decorated, but some places don’t like to do this for you. You will still need to find someone to manage the decorating because you will be too busy on your wedding morning to take this on. You could hire a wedding planner, or ask a friend to undertake all of your decorating. A local florist may provide the centrepieces as well as your bouquets and buttonholes. Some florists refuse to deliver. Instead, someone will have to pick these up the night before or on the morning of your wedding.

Getting married can be stressful enough without you having to worry about all the finer details of the day. A good wedding venue will help you feel secure in your choices, and will help your day run smoothly. You will also need the help of your bridesmaids and friends if you haven’t hired a wedding planner. They can ensure everything is in place and ease your worries. This will help you enjoy your big day without all the stress of having to act as a wedding planner too. Make the most of your ceremony and reception, and enjoy looking at all your photographs when you arrive back from your honeymoon.

Love Lilla xx

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