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It’s party season once more, and you have managed to score an invite to one of the most exclusive parties of the year! Not only are you trembling with excitement but you are probably trembling with fear about what you are going to wear. You may worry how you are going to get over your shyness. Then there are the concerns about how you can possibly get all the way across town without having to drive yourself. Don’t panic! We give you the ultimate party guide to making an entrance, making an impact, and making a lasting impression all night long.

When it comes to attending the most stylish party of the year, the dress you choose needs to be incredible. Get yourself online for some great ideas about what is on trend this season. Seek out some of the best boutiques and then spend a day shopping for that something special that fits you like a glove. Do this in plenty of time so that you can have any alterations made in plenty of time. Shoes should be the next thing on your list. Yes, they do have to look fabulous, but remember you will be stuck in them for a good six to eight hours.

Hair should be done at the salon, so make sure you have a good cut and style appointment booked for that morning. Check out some great half up, half down styles that are very hot right now. You can also dress your hair with a bit of glamor by popping in some crystal bead clips. These will catch the light and make you shine. The next thing to check is your makeup. Whiten your teeth and choose a strong red lippy to make maximum impact. If your complexion doesn’t suit red lippy well, then go for a high gloss pink.

Posture is incredibly important if you want to make an impact at your party. The style and shape of your dress will depend on you holding yourself up well so book in a couple of Yoga sessions or practice at home holding a really good posture. Look up Limo Hire in Liverpool or wherever you are online so you can arrive in style for this big party. It is far more stylish than turning up in the back of an old cab. If you share with your friends, you can share the cost. For a really glam entry, take a good coat that you can take off at the door to reveal your dress.

A lasting impression is something that is really easy to create. The trouble is, it is very difficult to leave a good lasting impression! Have some ‘business’ cards made up and pop them in your purse. These big parties are great opportunities to network and get your name out there. It needn’t just be a professional interest, but also a personal one. Getting in the right social circles can be hard, but if you have a good quality card with all your details available, you will be much harder to forget! Most importantly of all, have a great time…

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