Fashion | Ultimate Guide To Creating The Complete Look You Want For 2015

When you are looking to wear this season’s hottest trending fashion, you only need to look online to see what’s hot and what’s not. Magazines and the internet do a lot of the hard work for us, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still people watch or attend catwalk shows. It’s important to see how fashion is worn in real life as well as how it moves on a catwalk model. You also need to be aware of your own body shape to be sure you are making the right fashion choices.

This season is certainly seeing a return to cleaner, more chic styles. The grunge days are truly over, and denim only has holes for the legs at the moment. Wool and Hepburn eyebrows continue to dominate the look. Of course, when you are looking for a classier, more feminine approach to fashion, the icons of the fifties and sixties certainly are a great place to start. Hair, however, is not quite following that trend. Instead, opt for loose ponytails or rough waves for down hair.

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Jewelry is finishing the look, and this year is all about timeless pearls. The classic look for jewelry includes a drop pendant pearl on a simple gold chain, with small pearl stud earrings. Not many women like to wear pearl rings, but one could finish the look off beautifully. Any pearl jewelry you can find should do. You can even wear brooches and hair jewelry. The clean white look of pearls is what you should be going for. The vibrant patterns of last year have definitely toned down for 2015!

Of course, fashion is what you make of it. You may be a follower or a trend setter. Wearing what makes you comfortable and represents your personality or your mood is key to enjoying fashion. You may see something on the street or something on Pinterest that really piques your interest to recreate. There is certainly nothing wrong with standing apart from the crowd. The beauty of fashion is how it can make each of us beautiful in our own way.

Other trends tipping the favors this year include neat sweaters and long flowing, heavy-weight skirts. The skirts might be full of movement, pattern, texture and color while the sweater could be quite plain and simple. Layer or combine with a great scarf tied to the front. Wear the hair up or down and finish with some quality jewelry. As it gets hotter, you can combine your summer must-haves with light scarves or even a cotton shawl that is easy to remove as you step out into the sun.

However you follow the trends, and whatever you make of them, fashion is only fashionable if you say so. If it suits you, wear it with confidence. If the latest thing really does nothing for your body shape, sidestep it and move onto the next thing. The great things about this year’s hits are that they’re classics that will come around again and again. Happy browsing!

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