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Throwback to a few summers ago!

In the next couple of months as the weather begins to heat up. Finally, we can store our winter coats, hats and scarves away and swap them for their summer counterparts.

As summer comes along, so does a whole new season of style. And with that new season, comes thousands of stylish new outfits and accessories to choose from.

Of course, not everyone can afford to invest in an entire new wardrobe each year, but that isn’t a problem. Instead, focus on stylish accessories, to give your old outfits a stylish, new season fashion boost.

To learn more about all the best summer accessories, keep reading below.

What makes the best summer accessories?

When the weather is warm and sunny, the best accessories tend to be things that combine form and function. Like items that protect you from the sun’s rays while adding style to your look. For example, a fedora hat adds sophistication and style to your look while protecting your head from the hot sun.

When choosing summer accessories it is important to choose accessories that not only add style to your look, but also make you feel good.

Accessories every fashionista needs for summer:

1. Light summer scarf

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that scarves are just for the colder winter months. Oh no, they are much more versatile than that. Adding a light summer scarf to your outfit is the perfect way to add colour and style to your look.

To dress up your favourite pair of skinny jeans and a tee, team with a light, printed or patterned scarf. Or, to add a pop of colour to a simple summer dress, pair with a cute, stylish summer scarf.

There are so many different ways you can work a scarf during the summer months. From using scarves as belts to sarongs, summer scarves are an absolute must have.

2. Oversized hat

Nothing quite says summer like an oversized, floppy hat. This is a timeless favourite that can be worn for any summer occasion, from a beach BBQ to a casual summer wedding. And, as well as giving any outfit a stylish twist, these hats offer excellent sun protection, keeping your skin safe from sun damage.

For a classic look, opt for a straw style hat, or for a slightly dressier look, choose a rafta hat in a neutral shade. Hats with ribbons or patterned bands can also look great and are fabulous for adding a splash of colour to any outfit.

3. Jewellery

While jewellery is an all-year-round must have accessory, in the summer, it takes on a different purpose. Jewellery is one of the best accessories for using to not only add a sense of style to a look, but also to highlight your beautiful, sun-bronzed skin.

Pieces of jewellery, like earrings, necklaces and belly bars for your belly button piercing can also  highlight your stunning summer skin looks.

4. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are, of course, the ultimate summer accessory. Not only do they keep your eyes safe from the harmful UV rays and help to prevent aging under your eyes. Sunglasses can add style in a way that no other accessory can.

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