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Do all your hobbies take you rushing to and fro, or use up an awful lot of physical energy? Maybe you play ten different sports, enjoy long walks at the weekend or are always travelling. I love getting out and about too, but sometimes you have to slow down and spend a lazy Sunday on the sofa. If you need a hobby that requires more brain power than (wo)manpower there are lots of things you can do using just a computer. If you have a desktop, laptop, tablet or even just a smartphone you can engage your brain without leaving the house. And they don’t have to be isolating activities either because the internet lets you speak to people all over the world. Try some of these fun things to do from the comfort of your home.

1. Make Music

Who says you need instruments or a band to make music? If you have a computer, you can start making your own music from your bedroom. Of course, it helps to have some musical knowledge or even just a passion for learning. You can use software to compose your own pieces, as well as record your voice and other instruments. Use your software to try out different effects and experiment until you create something you love. You could even collaborate with other people.

2. Trace Your Family Tree

If you love history, stories or people, you might find that you enjoy genealogy. Looking up your family history and learning about your ancestors can be incredibly interesting and exciting. You might find a long-lost relative, discover someone with a dark past or read about someone’s heroic story. Thanks to the internet, you can even find family in different countries; for example, you could trace ANZAC relatives from Australia and New Zealand. You never know what you might find, and you can get talking to other genealogists.

3. Make Graphics and Digital Images

Art doesn’t have to be confined to the realms of paint and pencils. There are all kinds of amazing things you can do if you want to create images on a computer. You can use a drawing tablet and special software to draw digital images, and there are many ways you can manipulate them to create unusual effects. If you like photography, you can also play around with your photographs to make them even better.

4. Run a Blog or Website

Anyone who likes writing about their interests should consider running a blog or a website. It doesn’t matter if you like beauty and fashion or history and literature. You can create a blog to write about whatever you like, and if you put the effort in you could even make some money out of it. It’s easy to set up a site, even if you don’t have a lot of technical knowledge.

It’s good to have something to do on lazy or rainy days. If you don’t always feel like running a marathon, stay in bed and exercise your brain instead.

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