LIFESTYLE | 6 Fun Things to do on a Rainy Day

Unfortunately, in the UK, we have a lot of rainy days to contend with. Don’t let the bad weather spoil your weekend though. We can’t be put off by a bit of rain. There are plenty of things you can still do. It’s not as if we’re not used to disappointing weather by now, yet, we still act surprised when it ruins our carefully made plans.

If you have kids, a rainy day can seem like an even greater problem, but not necessarily. Whatever your circumstances, here are 6 great things to do when the weather is keeping you indoors.

Visit Galleries and Museums

Whether you’re on your own or with kids, going to a museum is a great idea for a rainy day activity. There’s something about a museum on a rainy day that seems fitting. They can act as a refuge from the harsh conditions outside.

If you live in a big city, you’ll have lots of places to choose from. Go to more than one if you have the time!

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Get Decorating

Luckily, home decorating is an indoor pursuit. So, if you keep putting off fitting that new light fixture or that paint job, rainy day gives you the perfect opportunity to get them done. Read more here about new design ideas for your home. You could finish off the new bathroom or add the final touches to your bedroom decorating.

Have an Indoor Treasure Hunt

This is a great idea if you have kids to be kept entertained. Turn the house into a scene of adventure by setting up a treasure hunt. The more kids you have involved, the better, so why not get the kids from next door involved too?

You could hide chocolate and if it’s near Easter, make them into Easter eggs!

Go to the Movies

Don’t just put in a DVD and watch it on your TV. There’s no beating the big screen on a rainy day. You’re completely shut off from the outside room. You can’t hear the raining falling outside. You can’t see anything but the screen. What’s not to love?

Or another idea is to see if your local theatre is putting on any matinee performances. This can be even better for kids because they go to the cinema quite often, but how often do you take them to the theatre?


Being trapped in the house gives you the perfect excuse to get baking some deliciously unhealthy food for everyone. I’d go for cookies, but you can choose whatever you like! As I’m sure you know, the internet is overflowing with loads of great recipes; from cakes and flapjacks to jam tarts and homemade ice cream.

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Embrace the Rain

If none of the above appeals to you much, why not just take your family out in the rain and get soaked? Sometimes, it’s fun to stop fighting the weather and just roll with it.

Go for a walk in the countryside and then when you get back, turn the heating up and get warm and dry again. It might be more fun than it sounds!

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