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Wedding planning sounds like a dream job right? You get to organise everything and everyone. You can spend hours browsing through photos of gorgeous prom dresses and bridal bouquets. And then you get to  sit back and watch the most beautiful event of the year unfold. Except, when it’s your wedding you are planning, it’s not that easy, and it takes every waking second of your attention. Things go wrong, and your life can start to feel like one big compromise. Florists can’t deliver, the wedding venue is not available on your preferred date, and you have yet to find that awe-inspiring dress. It’s enough to make you scream with frustration!

The trick to good wedding planning is good organisation. Knowing what you have to do and the time frame you have to get it done can make life a lot easier. As brides, we all want to rush ahead to end. The dress can wait a couple of months, but the invites need to be ordered soon, or nobody will know you are getting married! Start with a guest list. Add an asterisk next to those names you would be willing to drop if you had to. Now you have two guest lists. An optimum large one, and a smaller one if your chosen venue can’t take everyone.

Choose two venues you would be happy to marry in. You may have a favourite, and that is OK, but the trick to retaining your sanity when planning a wedding, is to always have a backup. Visit both and compare prices, availability and seating numbers. Now the choice is yours. Once it is booked, you can start sorting out your wedding stationery. Picking out your wedding invitations should be done in the same way. Browse online at places like to get some great ideas. Then you can whittle your choices down and order.

Always leave yourself at least three months to order your dress, as it will need alterations. If you are ordering something bespoke, leave at least nine months to a year. Have a look online at dress designs that are most likely to flatter your figure. Now pick two boutiques to visit and try on some dresses. If the first has nothing you like, the second could be the one. Narrowing down what you are looking for also saves a lot of time getting in and out of dresses when you have the rest of the wedding to organise!

Wedding decorations can sometimes be supplied by the wedding venue. You may prefer to have more of a say about things like chair coverings, centrepieces and balloons. You can find plenty of inspiration online, but what you really need is someone to help you collect the bits and pieces you are going to need on the day. Your maid of honour or bridesmaids should be able to ensure the venue is beautifully decorated ready for your arrival on the big day. Just remember, you don’t have to do it all alone, and two (or three) heads are definitely better than one!

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