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If you’ve got an exciting date lined up, then you’re no doubt trying to think of ways you can make an impression. If you really like this person, it’s essential you make them want to go out with you again. Use my top tips and see how things go!

Be Yourself

There’s no point in going on a date and pretending to be somebody else. You must be yourself. If you’re not yourself and you get another date, you won’t be able to keep up the act for very long. Plus, it isn’t really ‘you’ that sealed the deal, so you can hardly be happy about the second date. Be true to yourself, honest, and see if your date likes you for you. If they don’t, it’s their loss!

Wear ‘You’ Clothes

You should never wear clothes just because you think your date will like them or somebody else likes them. You should wear clothes that you like. You and only you. These clothes should be an extension of yourself and your personality. Treat yourself to a manicure or something too if it makes you feel good!

Smell Great

Did you know that body odour and bad breath are the two main things that can put a date off the first time they see you? I’ve read that you only have 12 minutes to impress, so smelling great is a must! It’s a bit like speed dating; you have to make an impression right from the start. Don’t drown yourself in perfume/aftershave, just make sure you’re clean and a spritz or two will do. Don’t eat any smelly foods in the days leading up to the date and make sure you have mints or gum to hand.

Don’t Swear

Swearing is off-putting for a lot of people too. If you tend to swear a lot, try to tone it down for your date. Put your ‘swear filter’ on…you know, the one that comes on when you’re around your grandparents.

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Come Up With Conversation Topics

Most of the time, we feel nervous on a date and conversation can dry up at times. To avoid this, come up with a couple of conversation topics you can start. This will stop there from being any awkward silences and you can make sure you and your date get to know each other well.

Know What You’ll Eat Beforehand 

Although this might seem silly, if you know where you’re going beforehand you should decide what you’ll eat. Some foods can be messy to eat. Sweet corn, for instance, gets stuck in your teeth and can squirt everywhere. Not very attractive! Try to pick something fairly easy to eat that won’t get stuck in your teeth.

Smile and Make Eye Contact

Even if you don’t feel confident, act it. Nothing says confidence more than a smile and eye contact. Smiling will get you and your date off to a good start, and eye contact will let them know you like them. Don’t stare too much though…you’ll look creepy.

Good luck on your date!

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