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The shabby chic wedding seems to be getting more and more popular. Instead of a huge, sleek affair, brides are opting for a more worn, rustic feel. Many brides are also choosing to make their own invitations rather than buying them; this adds a personal touch, and of course, saves money! So how do you make your own shabby chic wedding invitations? Let’s take a look at a few tips and ideas you can use!

Find Some Designs You Like

First of all, I suggest looking online for a few designs you like. Not too many; you don’t want to confuse yourself with too much choice. There are many different takes you can try though, so maybe find two or three of your favourites. Some are decorated in pastel colours while others are made with just brown card. Find a design that appeals to you most!

Gather Your Materials

Now you need to gather your materials. Don’t buy everything until you know what design you’re doing for definite. You won’t know this until you’ve practiced making a couple! Get enough to make one invitation of each design. You’ll then be able to decide which you don’t mind making a ton of and how much they’ll cost you. It’s a good idea to have regular supplies like glue, scissors, a ruler, etc. You should also have materials like brown card, stamps, patterned card, cloth material, lace, etc. You can make the invitations as quirky as you like and include anything you want, so really get creative with this!


Practice a Couple

Set a couple of hours aside to make a few invitations. Time how long each one takes you, and what you use for each. You’ll then be able to compare price and time to make to work out which is best for you. Remember that your invitation sets the tone of your wedding. If your wedding is all neutral, then brown card invitations might work best. If you’re going to incorporate lots of pastel colours, then patterned invitations might work well. You haven’t just got the design to consider either. Wedding invitation planning is essential for knowing what information you’re going to include and how you will word it.

Techniques and Ideas

Here are some techniques widely used in shabby chic wedding invitation design:

  • Brown card stamped with the information and tied with brown string.
  • Luggage tags made with brown card and a little lace to include extra information.
  • Add a pop of colour to brown invitations with coloured string or ribbons.
  • Cut out shapes from material you like and incorporate it into the invitation.
  • Use lace or vintage looking doilies to decorate the invites. 
  • Create mini bunting to decorate your invitations out of brown string and patterned material.
  • Aged paper looks amazing used for wedding invitations. Just make sure you don’t crumple it up – you want it to look aged, but not like it belongs in the bin. Using a lacy material for the envelope will contrast the aged paper perfectly. 
  • Patterned material and coloured ribbons can look amazing with brown card. 

With the right invites, you’ll get people talking before they’ve even attended your ceremony. Have fun with them and make them personal to you!

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