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Every year the cost of fresh produce continues to rise so homeowners have begun planting fruits and vegetables in their gardens to help balance those high costs. Also, it is much easier to assure yourself that you are eating only organic foods if you are the one growing them! With all the pesticides and fertilisers large producers are using, it is no wonder that so many people have taken to growing much of their own food at home. All my life we have had apple and pear trees in the garden, my nan used to also grow figs when I was a girl. Here is why a fruit tree could be the perfect addition to your garden.

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Lovely Colourful Blossoms Each Spring

What would a garden be without colour? Different fruit trees have a variety of lovely colourful blossoms ranging from white to pink to various shades of yellow and orange. Although smaller trees won’t bear fruit for a couple of years, you will have so much fun waiting for those blossoms that signal this is ‘the year.’

Bountiful Produce for Canning

Many homemakers enjoy canning summer and autumn produce to use during long, cold winter months when the only fruit and veggies available are imported and extremely costly. One of the major benefits to having a fruit tree in your garden is that within just a few years you will have a bountiful harvest with more than enough to can for the winter. Not only is it possible to put up enough for the entire winter, but those canned fruits from your garden make lovely Christmas gifts!

Speaking of Gifts!

Actually, whilst speaking of Christmas gifts this calls to mind the fact that you probably have friends and family who are also avid gardeners. Along with giving them a jar of your canned fruits as a gift, you could also visit gifts for gardeners to order them their very own fruit tree! However, be aware of the fact that you just might be creating a monster and by giving them a taste of your fruit they might be back week after week for more!

Fruit Trees from an Environmental Perspective

Here is another reason why planting a fruit tree could be the perfect addition to your garden. From
an environmental perspective they make perfect sense. The first thing to be aware of is that trees help to lower the amount of damage CO2 does to the ozone. They take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen as part of photosynthesis so you would be doing the entire planet a favour. Plus, think of all the bees that will be eating the pollen and nectar, thus cross-pollinating other trees which is necessary for the production of fruit. These are two very important factors that help keep the eco system intact and if you think one fruit tree won’t make a difference, think again. If everyone thought that way we would be in sorry shape.

So you see, planting a fruit tree not only adds colour to your garden and provides delicious fruit for
family and friends, but they contribute to the overall health of the planet as well. Those are some mighty powerful reasons to plant a fruit tree, so what are you waiting for? Start digging!

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