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Whether you saw the perfect dress in a shop with a not so perfect price or you just want a dress that compliments your own unique sense of style (and you can’t seem to find it), making your own dress is a great option. Today the Internet is overflowing with literally thousands of dress patterns and ideas that even a novice seamstress can do. Here UK Fabrics Online give 5 easy steps to making your very own masterpiece of a dress.

So what do you need?

Before you jump into finding patterns and picking out fabric you will want to make sure that you will have everything you need before hand. This includes; sewing needles, scissors, measuring tape, string (in various colours), safety pins and pins. Although a sewing machine isn’t entirely necessary you may want to invest in one if you plan to start making dresses on a regular basis, as it will save you a lot of time.

Choose a pattern

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Let’s face it, that cute little dress doesn’t always look as great on us as it does on the model or mannequin, so you will want to pick a pattern that is flattering to your body. The best way to do that is to go on a shopping trip. Start by picking out some dresses that catch your eye, and then try them on. This will give you a clear idea of what the style of dress you are going to make is going to look like on you, and not the woman wearing it in the magazine.

Once you have found that perfect dress you will have to find the sewing pattern to match. Luckily the Internet has made this a fairly easy feat, just make sure that you read the reviews in the pattern you are choosing to make sure that the pattern is good or isn’t too difficult for your skill level.

Choose a fabric

This is important because not all dress types work with every fabric. A sundress made from a light wool mix or soft touch polyester fabric is adorable, but a sundress made from crushed velvet velour might not work so well. When trying on or looking at dress styles that appeal to you make sure to take note of the fabric they are made from. Using a silky satin fabric is perfect for a simple evening gown or cocktail dress.

A dress doesn’t have to be limited to just one fabric either, try playing around with different textures to give your dress that added touch of fabulous! You can find a wide variety of dress fabric from UK Fabrics to suit your needs.

Choose a colour

As far as colour goes you really can’t choose the wrong one. For most, the colours that appeal to us are also the same colours that compliment our features. If you love the colour then chances are it will look great on you.

Choose accessories

Something as simple as a couple of cute buttons, beads or pre made floral embroideries can set off even the simplest of dress. Check out your local bead or hobby shop for sweet and sophisticated accessories to spice up your dress with.


No matter how experienced a seamstress you consider yourself to be chances are your dress will need to be altered at least a little bit. It’s always best to try on the dress before the final stitches are made to ensure that the fit and length works on you. It will also give you the opportunity to tweak the pattern a bit to give it that special personal touch.

Sounds simple right… Let’s see how I get on! Got a tip you would like to share?

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