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Sometimes I get a bit fed up buying cheap high street jewellery. The stones fall out, they leave a green mark on your skin and fall apart. Sometimes it is worth investing a bit more money into versatile pieces.

Apart from my wedding and engagement rings, I have a few other ‘investment’ pieces – a ring my nan gave me, my Michael Kors watch and the Jeremy Hoye charm bracelet that Joe has been building on for the last 7 years.

It can be overwhelming looking for more expensive jewelry, some shops only focus on high end (read high priced) items. Sometimes the items are quite plain, or too mass produced. Looking round independent jewellers for unique pieces can be time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. JewelStreet is a great website filled with various independent jewellers, so you can browse for unique pieces easily.

I recently received this simple but versatile gold Long Shard Pendant* necklace by De Anna Kiernan. The pendant is geometric and when you look up close you can see half of it it is polished gold and the other brushed. Small details like that really make a piece stand out while staying timeless. It’s perfect with my band t-shirts on a casual day for the office or added to a smarter outfit for other occasions.

Do you invest in pieces of jewellery or watches – or are you high street all the way?

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