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We all love a good holiday, whether it’s exploring new cities or soaking up the sun on a beach this is our time to take a break from our normal lives. The only downside is packing and the restrictions that come with flying (if you are going via Eurostar there are no liquid restrictions!).

My dream holiday would probably be a trip across the states, I know it’s not original, but it would combine my love of city tours/ Harry Potter/movies and still include a few beach days. There are just so many places to visit, along with the theme parks, I would love to see the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and a weird place like somewhere that has ‘The world’s biggest ball of yarn’.

After travelling a lot the last two weeks, I thought it would be good to share my top packing tips.

1. Pack core items

Think about how long you are going away and how often you will be changing. From there try and find key items that you can wear in different ways. Do you have a top that could be paired with trousers and a skirt for a day to night look? Or is there a dress that you could glam up with heels and a neckless? Sometimes less is more.

2. Roll, roll, roll your clothes

I am one of those people that will pack and re-pack my suitcase to try and fit as much as possible in, then I discovered rolling. Not only can this be a great space saver, but it can also stop delicate items getting creased.

3. Travel size everything

Sounds obvious to buy mini toothpastes etc but often a lot easier said than done – buy travel bottles and fill them with your shampoo, conditioner etc. Also get a perfume atomiser so you can take your favourite fragrance. Not only does downsizing give you more space, it also gives you more weight to play with.

4. Pack a smaller bag

If you are planning to bring stuff back from your holiday, try using a smaller bag than the one you are taking to do your initial packing. Then transfer your stuff to the larger suitcase to make sure ou have the space.

5. Use your hand luggage

If you are taking hold luggage, don’t just take a small handbag on the plane, use your full allocation. I always take a wheelie suitcase as my hand luggage – I usually pack it with heavier or delicate items like my blowdryer.

Bon Marche have sent me this awesome holiday starter pack with this cute leopard print bikini (not too itsy so I can feel comfortable in it), along with a sun hat, stylish glasses a practical straw beach bag (easy to pack up and fold) and most importantly some sun cream. They are also running a great competition where you could win £3000 to holiday!

Have you got packing tips you could share? What are your holiday essentials?

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