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The few glorious days of summer that we had seemed to have gone, which makes perfect sense as I bought some summer dresses on Saturday. I’m not one of those people who will wear heels and tight dresses every day, I like to be comfortable. Especially if I’m running errands or having a lazy day. I’ve noticed more and more that I have started using this shirt as go to cover up, in fact, I am wearing it now!

I am a check/plaid lover, I guess it’s the grunge girl in me. I often wear it over basic dresses with a statement necklace and a pair of trainers as you can see! We were popping to my mum’s for a cuppa so I quickly pulled my hair into these lazy victory rolls and added some eyeliner. I’ve been going very plain with my day to day makeup recently. I had a lash lift again, so there is no need for mascara so I’ve really just been wearing foundation, bronzer and blush. I’ve also had a bit of an eyebrow mishap so eyebrow powder is a must!

As you can see, Sega is thriving in our new home, she has transformed. In our old flat, she was a scaredy cat that would hide under the bed if someone knocked on our door. Now she oversees me receiving packages from the postman and even came in the lounge when we had people over. The difference in her is unbelievable, she just seems so happy.

Joe and I also went for one of our Sunday walks a few weeks back and I wore the shirt again. I like the clashing of the prints, it was cold so wore my trusty Dr Denims. I swear I have never bought so many jeans from one brand before, I have seven pairs. 

I’ve started to read the Game of Thrones books, I guess it’s my adult equivalent to Harry Potter, which I love. I never thought I would like GOT, but last year we got addicted and I developed a lot of love for Kit Harrington. With the series on hiatus and the way things ended with Jon Snow, I wanted to take this opportunity to explore the various theories that are going around the web. He can’t be dead. He just can’t. So until the new series comes next year (I meanWTAF is that about?) I have to find hope to cling to and will dissect every reference to his possible parentage (R+L=J). I’m quite used to films/TV series being different to books, so I know I won’t mind the tweaks made.

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Which cliffhanger has got your head spinning? Will Kit Harrington still be as hot with short hair?

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