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My name is Lilla Goatcher and I am a technology addict. Sadly, I’ve always got some sort of screen in front of me, be it a TV, computer or phone. But this isn’t a new thing, as a child I was very content being sat in front of a TV for hours. 

At three or four, when I woke I would go in to the lounge and put the TV on and sit in trance until my parents woke up. My nan would always warn me that I would get square eyes – I’m not even sure what that means, but at the time it was really scary!

 I also quite quickly learnt how to work the VCR player and mastered the AV/Scart/Ariel situation. Basically, if there was a TV in front of me I was going to watch it and nothing was going to stop me.

When I grew up, televisions were massive bulky boxes with rounded glass screens. It meant that if the sun light hit it the screen, you could see nothing. These were also the days of manual tuning – literally winding a wheel, carefully with your fingertip to find the channel you wanted, moving the clog by millimetres to get the clearest screen possible. Although sometimes this was impossible and the image would flicker or even turn black and white!

Obviously TVs have come a long way since then, moving on to digital tuning, flat screen, HD and what feels like unlimited sizes. When Joe and I moved into our first flat, 8 years ago, buying a new HUGE 32” HD TV to go with our new PS3 was our priority.  Since then, our 32” quickly became small and was moved to the bedroom, being replaced by a larger model. We decided not to get a 3D TV, we felt like it was the Mini Disc of televisions. Who else got conned into buying one of those? Don’t get me wrong 3D technology has come a long way, the movies are great, but seeing as Sky has recently announced it will be cutting its 3D channels, I think we might have been right.

Now the next generation of Television has arrived, 4K. This isn’t a fad like 3D, it’s a game changer, think HD. Not sure about 4K? Learn more below.

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